12kW Solar Panel System

Are you interested in switching to solar energy, but worried that it might not fulfil your power needs? 12 kW solar panel systems are the right choice for you if you need to power a larger home or property. By producing your own clean energy with a 12kW solar panel system, you can potentially reduce your energy bills and cut down on your carbon footprint. At Gr, we can connect you with up to 3 professional solar panel installers in your area who can provide you with tailored advice and quotes for a 12kW solar panel system. Just click the button below to start comparing quotes.

Why 12kW solar panels could be right for you

12 kW solar systems are very large and will mean how many solar panels you need in nigeri to produce a significant amount of electricity is higher than normal. This sized system is usually utilised for commercial rather than domestic purposes. However, if your energy demand is high, this solution will satisfy your needs while making your house more eco-friendly. What’s more, is that you can earn money for surplus energy exported back to the grid under the Smart Export Guarantee. 12 kW solar panel systems are a good solution for homes bigger than the average. The size of the system allows it to generate the right amount of electricity required to meet the daily needs of a large household. Keep in mind that 12 kW solar system is quite big and you will likely need around 75 m2 free roof space.

How to choose the right system

A 12 kW solar panel system requires a significant investment, therefore you will need to research and compare your options. Of course, this can be quite difficult and could take a long time. If you need assistance in your research process, look no further, with GreenMatch you will be able to compare different suppliers in a moment. Filling in the form on our webpage will secure you several quotes from different suppliers, from which you are free to choose the one you like the most. The service comes completely free and without obligations, giving you the freedom to choose the supplier suiting your needs best or refusing all quotes.
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